Optimize IT Investment with AIM: Accelerate your Strategy and Planning, Streamline your Architecture Lifecycle and Reduce Costs

AIM is powered by GPT-4 to accelerate your strategy and planning of any initiative, large or small.

Why AIM? Strategy accelerated

AIM revolutionises the IT architecture lifecycle by integrating GPT-4 to massively accelerate strategy and planning and provide a modern platform for improving openness and transparency across the IT and investment lifecycle.

A full breakdown of the cost of inefficiencies is here. You are paying this ongoing tax by not having a platform that provides openness, transparency, and digital reuse.

AIM now also includes powerful generative AI features to help you accelerate your Architecture strategy, planning, and design activities. See our generative AI samples.

What is AIM? A GPT-4 powered platform to change the way that you do strategy, planning, and design 

AIM is an innovative platform that streamlines the IT architecture lifecycle by digitising the curating, discovering, sharing and reusing architecture models across your teams.

It is not another design tool. It is a modern platform integrated with GPT-4 to accelerate strategy and planning massively. It also improves openness and transparency across your business by providing an easily searchable and navigable portfolio view of your Projects, Reusable Components, and Enterprise Architecture.

It works on your desktop, laptop, and phone — so you can take your Architecture models with you easily wherever you go.

With AIM, you can improve collaboration, ensure modelling consistency and quality, and achieve better portfolio-level oversight of your projects and products, all while addressing critical issues facing the IT project lifecycle, such as increased efficiency, reduced costs, and effective architecture governance.

  • Generative AI – Integrated with OpenAI GPT-4 to generate Architecture content at least 100x faster than non-AI-based methods – minutes instead of weeks. Generate EA reference models or reference models for programs, projects, domains, or services. See samples here.
  • Deep search functionality, allowing users to find planned or ongoing projects and reusable components easily
  • Reuse architecture building blocks, reducing the need for starting from scratch when creating designs.
  • Applying model validation rules and machine learning ensures consistency and quality according to business modelling preferences.
  • Create story overlays atop your designs to provide context, capture design decisions, and support discussions around tech debt and assurance.
  • Achieve actual portfolio-level oversight of the project and product development.
  • Import model files in Archi and Open Exchange formats. Export models as Open Exchange. Use your favourite design tools, and then load your designs into AIM to make it easy for your teams to find and understand what they need.

How do I get AIM?

AIM web is a scalable and secure web app that works on your laptop, desktop or phone, available at aimrepo.com

See which AIM Versions are right for you and how to access generative AI features.

Download the user guide.

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