New release – 12 Sep 2020

New version released.

Main changes

  • General stability improvements
  • Ability to create your own server-side AIM server for data processing of AIM business scenarios. Previously, you needed to use the supplied AIM Server and could built JScript server-side scripts to handle data processing for scenarios. This has now been expanded. We’ve been creating server-side scripts using Ruby, and persisting scenario data into MongoDB, but you should be able to use pretty much any language. This is going to be a fairly powerful improvement in terms of ability to write more sophisticated server side scripting, and have persistent data used by your scenarios.
  • Modified default behaviour of running Scenarios, so that they only run once by default, instead of on a loop. This is because with the new ability for model data persistence (above) it only makes sense for the scenario to run once.
  • Modified Scenario visualisation so that each model element in the scenario goes from blue -> green if it successfully executes, or red if there’s a failure. Also now displays the server-side error message in the model if it fails to make debugging easier.
  • New ‘Shader’ story element, that can be incorporated into an animated story.
  • Modification to shaders, so that there is a separate shader name and separate field to enter the model property to use for the shader. e.g. previously, a shader called ‘Domain’ would require that model elements needed to have a property exactly called ‘Domain’, which might have values of ‘Marketing’, ‘Sales’, ‘Delivery’, etc, but now the shader can have a different name, e.g. “Business Domains”, which is separate to the name of the property the shader uses, e.g. “Domain”.
  • Performance improvement to shading/resetting shading in the model. Now instant.
  • Increase anti-aliasing to sharpen how things look
  • Add ability for AIM to receive REST requests, so that it can be controlled by other applications or command lines that can generate REST requests.

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