New release – 29 Dec 2020

New version released


  • Various stability and performance improvements
  • Uses new Unity 2020.2, and adds ambient occlusion (shadowing) to how objects are rendered


  • If you add a data store to a component (either as ‘Master’ or ‘Copy’) then master information is shown in red, and copy in purple.
  • Architecture compiler rules have changed slightly. Previously, a function outputting to a flow would implicitly draw from any ‘master’ or ‘copy’ information source, whereas now this must be specified explicitly as a function output (to the flow).

Tech Demo

  • Various changes made to allow for server-side scripting to be implemented in any language. Previously, server-side scripting was supported in JScript. The AIM tech demo to be incrementally released will be in Ruby, and have persistency in MongoDB.

License key recovery

Also fixed an issue with some of the cloud hosted infrastructure that was causing license key distribution emails to fail in some cases. If you have any further issues recovering license keys please contact support.

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