New release – 31 Jan 2021

New version released

  • Added automatic depth of field.
    • In story mode, the depth of field widget can now be set to ‘on’, ‘off’, or ‘auto’. If ‘on’, you can set the focal distance, focal length, and aperture to control the depth of field effect. If ‘auto’, the focal distance is set to whatever model element you’re looking directly at / centre of the screen.
    • In the top right menu icons, there’s a new auto depth of field icon – see Top right controls
  • Updated the Tech Demo download to provide support for quite a lot more REST API calls, from Ruby to AIM – See AIM API
  • Released new ArchiMate Validator for validating ArchiMate models. You can configure any number of different filters and rules to help develop your Program or Solution Architecture faster and more robustly.

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