AIM Versions

There are 3 AIM versions that you can choose from to suit your needs.

AIM – free version

Can use all functionality except generative AI.

Can paste in JSON data from ChatGPT or other AIs to create reference models

Is limited in how many projects, components, EA views, and stories can be created

Allows you to trial AIM and see if it is for you

AIM – Pro version

Same as trial version but no limit on number of projects, components, EA views, or stories that can be created.

AUD $10/user/month + GST (if in Australia)

AIM – AI version

Same as Pro version but includes usage of generative AI models which allows you to create reference models for the Enterprise, programs, projects, domains, or any other scope you choose.

$20/user/month + taxes – This may or may not change depending on how much generative AI is added into AIM and what the resulting average OpenAI token usage consumption is.

There is also an overall token limit but most users are not going to hit this limit in a month.

How To Sign Up

If you want one of the paid options, AIM Pro or AIM AI then here’s how to do it.

  1. Create a new account. Go to and click the Sign Up button. Go through the short process until you are logged into AIM. On the other hand, if someone in your organisation already has an AIM account they can send you an invite and when you login (i.e. just login, don’t create a new account) then you can choose to join their account so that both of you can view/edit the same architecture content.
  2. In the top right corner, click Billing under the Profile button.
  3. Go to Cards. Enter a credit card and then using the card menu (3 dots) and select ‘Set card as default’ for payments.
  4. Still in Billing, go to the Subscriptions tab and make sure there is a quantity of 1 user against AIM AI, and 0 users against AIM Pro. AIM AI can do everything AIM Pro can do, plus has access to generative AI features. AIM AI is a higher cost because it consumes OpenAI ‘tokens’, which is the basis of OpenAI costs for using the GPT-4 API. Click Create Subscription.
  5. Go into the Users menu on the left menu. Open your user record, click the AIM AI role checkbox, and then click Save to save your user record. This will check that you are licensed to use AIM AI (credit card entered and subscription created) and then grant access to the AIM AI features.
  6. Go into the ‘AI Designer’ function left menu and use generative AI. See YouTube videos for how to do this.

Current AI version status

As of May 2023 AIM mostly uses GPT-4o (omni).

The intent is to continue adding new generative AI features, and refining the prompts used by AIM for existing features.

The integration with GPT-4o is fairly robust, however sometimes GPT-4o will respond with bad data, i.e. illegal JSON data with a random dash in the middle, a 429 (throttled) response where perhaps the entire OpenAI platform has been throttled, a 500 response where perhaps some OpenAI servers are being restarted (?), or even a response that AIM cannot make sense of depending on prompts entered by you in AIM (although this is rare).

These errors seem to happen about 1 in 80-100 and being addressed if possible if they happen.

The workaround is simply to try again.

Please contact if you have any questions or feedback.