New users

This is a high level orientation guide for AIM.

The main functions that you will use across the lifecycle are:

  • AI Designer – use generative AI to rapidly scope initiatives. See Generative AI Samples to understand the depth and breadth of models that can be created with AI Designer.
  • Projects – A project is a container into which you can upload any number of ArchiMate models in either Archi (.archimate) or OpenExchange (.xml) format. Use AIM’s superior model surfing abilities to understand and gain insights from your models.
  • Components – similar to Projects but represent reusable components. Views from Components can be digitally imported into a Project, much like Maven or Node allow digital import of Java or Javascript components respectively.
  • Project Explorer / Component Explorer – deep search across your Projects and Components, based on any tags you have added to the project/component, or any ArchiMate model elements in those models.

A typical organization using AIM will be doing the following:

  • Using AI Designer to accelerate planning and scoping activities
  • Loading any historical ArchiMate as Projects or Components. If the ArchiMate model represent a reusable component then it should be loaded as a Component, so that it can be digitally imported into Projects.
  • Using Project Explorer and Component Explorer to surf through models to gain understanding, and identify where perhaps more reusable components could be extracted. Extracting reusable components needs to be done in the source model with a model design tool to create a new ArchiMate file, and then loaded into AIM.
  • Tagging Projects and Components with key/value pairs to enable filtering and grouping in Project Explorer/Component Explorer.
  • Adding Stories to Projects and Components to aid in understanding about aspects of the Project/Component.

Generative AI enhancements for July 2023

These are the generative AI enhancements for July 2023.

You need an ‘AIM AI’ subscription to use generative AI features as this consumes tokens from OpenAI via the GPT-4 API.

To get a subscription follow the How To Sign Up steps in AIM Versions.

Prompts can now reference other views

When you are writing a prompt in ‘AI Designer’, you can reference other views, including project and component views sourced from ArchiMate files, or other AI Designer views.

To reference a project or component view, go into the respective project or component and click the new ‘Ref’ button under the view. This will copy some text to the clipboard that you can then paste into your Create Content prompt in AI Designer. It will be a piece of text between square brackets.

Click ‘Ref’ to get a reference to this diagram that you can use in a prompt in ‘AI Designer’

If the view that you want to reference is one of the other ‘A’ Designer’ views in your view set then you can just click its name at the bottom of the Create Content page, as shown below. See that we’ve clicked Capabilities, and the view reference for Capabilities has been added to our prompt.

Diagram titles can be auto-created

Click the pink ‘Generate diagram title’ button to the right of the bold diagram title. A new title will be automatically generated based on the diagram contents.

New AI Designer Dashboard

The prompts used to create a view are now shown on the AI Designer dashboard.

The prompts are also shown when displaying an individual view.

This is important to understand any extra information provided in the prompt and explain why the diagram may be like it is.

Can now receive 6-digit login code via SMS

If you are using the email/password login method (versus Sign in with Google) then you can request a 6-digit code via SMS.

You need to enter + <country code> <national number> like below. This uses Google’s phone verification logic. Once your number is correct you’ll get a green success message like below.

6-digit codes can only be generated once every ten minutes, and are only valid for 10 minutes.

And no, the number below is not real, it is fictional.

Menu have been simplified

  • The ‘Enterprise’ page has been renamed ‘AI Designer’
  • Some less commonly used menu items are now organised under the Config menu

Help us trial a new Architecture platform

We’re seeking early adopters to help trial a new platform, Architecture In Motion, for improving the product/project cycle in Enterprises.

The main benefits are:

  • removing the fog-of-war affecting the design, reuse, and socialisation of ArchiMate Architecture models, and
  • providing a digital platform for the reuse of Architecture models.

Features are described in more detail here: Features

You can create a new account here:, but please let us know what you like, and what can be improved.

After creating an account, you can get started by:

  1. Creating a new project and clicking Save.
  2. Uploading one of your existing ArchiMate model files into the project, which can be either a raw Archi (.archimate) file or an OpenExchange (.xml) file.
  3. Select the uploaded file, open it, and then navigate the views.