Try it out – AIM, signed .exe in .zip file. After installation, click Get Demo Key to have a demo key emailed to you.

Open beta

Download the open beta for AIM and tell us what you like and don’t like. The main features that we’re aiming to mature through the open beta are:

  • Creating business operating models
  • Story mode – telling animated stories about aspects of how the business works, including building out StoryML to make it easy to write operating model stories.
  • Architecture Multiplayer
  • Exporting the model as an Operating Model document
  • Improving managing information as an asset.
  • Server-side scripting and persistence of operating model state, e.g. in MongoDB.
  • General improvements to existing functions

Contact Us to get involved.

Supporter version

The open beta is designed to help build maturity into AIM. You can participate in the open beta for free, however if you wish to become a supporter then create a subscription. Payments are handled via the Stripe payment website.

License Keys

AIM requires a license key to run. If you create a subscription you’ll have your demo key emailed to you, but otherwise to retrieve your license key select File > Options, then click Get Demo Key within AIM.

The demo license limits the number of elements that you can add to your model.