Generative AI Samples – Advertising


Campaign PlanningCapability to plan and execute an effective advertising campaign according to the customer’s objectives and budgetBudget Allocation & ManagementEnsures optimal allocation and utilization of the customer’s budget to achieve desired advertising outcomes.Campaign Strategy DevelopmentFormulates an effective advertising strategy based on customer’s objectives and market trends.Media Planning & BuyingIdentifies suitable media channels and negotiates purchasing for ad placements.Campaign Monitoring & AdjustmentMonitors campaign performance and adjusts strategy as needed to ensure optimal results.Post-Campaign Analysis & ReportingAnalyzes campaign outcome against objectives and provides detailed reporting for customer review.Creative DevelopmentCapability to come up with compelling and creative ideas that align with the customer’s brand strategyIdea GenerationConcept DevelopmentBrand Strategy AlignmentCreative Testing and ValidationMarket ResearchCapability to perform thorough market research to understand the target audience and trendsConsumer Behavior AnalysisIndustry Trend IdentificationCompetitive AnalysisTarget Audience SegmentationMarket Opportunity AssessmentMedia Planning and BuyingCapability to plan media purchases targeting the appropriate audience and negotiating the best pricesAudience IdentificationMedia Strategy DevelopmentPrice NegotiationsMedia AcquisitionCampaign Performance MonitoringDigital AdvertisingCapability to create and manage digital ads across multiple online platformsAd Campaign ManagementData Analysis and InsightsAudience TargetingPerformance MonitoringSocial Media ManagementCapability to manage a brand’s social media presence and engage with the audience through creative contentAudience EngagementSocial Media MonitoringReporting & AnalyticsSocial Media StrategyContent CreationCapability to create engaging advertising content across multiple mediums including print, digital and videosCopy WritingEnables compelling communication of brand messaging, driven by a blend of creative personnel, linguistic acumen, and marketing strategies.Digital Content CreationAllows for the creation of engaging, digital content utilizing people’s creativity, advanced technologies, and digital media strategies.Video ProductionFacilitates the production of high-quality videos, made possible by video specialists, cinematography techniques, and cutting-edge equipment.Print Layout DesignProvides the ability to create sophisticated print layouts, led by adept designers, innovative design principles, and modern software.Creative Concept DevelopmentFacilitates the ideation and formation of creative concepts, achieved through creative staff, ideation practices, and strategic methodologies.Media PlanningRepresents an organization’s ability to effectively strategize and allocate advertising resources across various media platforms. It’s typically realized by a combination of marketers, strategists, and advanced planning tools, and aims at achieving optimized brand exposure.Analytics and Performance ReportingCapability to track, analyze and report advertising performance to optimize strategies and provide transparent updates to customersAd Performance TrackingData AnalysisReporting and VisualizationStrategy OptimizationCustomer UpdatesBrand Strategy DevelopmentCapability to develop a sound brand strategy that aligns with the customer’s overall business objectives and supports their marketing efforts.Brand Identity DesignBrand PositioningBrand MessagingBrand Experience DesignBrand Audit and AnalysisClient Relationship ManagementCapability to build and nurture robust relationships with clients and provide them with excellent customer serviceClient Communication ManagementClient Service Quality ControlClient Retention StrategyClient Growth ManagementClient Feedback Analysis

“Client Satisfaction” Goal with work packages (projects) and deliverables to improve Client Satisfaction

Client SatisfactionEnsure overall client satisfaction by balancing the quality and cost of the advertising services.Implement Client Feedback LoopA focused approach to incorporate client feedback, aim to enhance service quality & client satisfaction.Updated Client Feedback SystemsA tangible output featuring improved systems for gathering client feedbackFeedback Analysis ReportAn intelligible report demonstrating the detailed analysis of the received feedbackEnhanced Service Delivery PlanAn actionable and concrete plan outlining advanced level of service deliveryClient Satisfaction Survey ResultsA tangible compilation of the outcomes obtained from client satisfaction surveysFeedback Integration WorkflowAn operational workflow integrating feedback into prevailing work processesImprove Quality of Advertising ServicesEfforts aimed to enhance the quality of advertisement services, ensuring better client engagement.Increase Client InteractionActivities designed to amplify client engagement, fostering improved communication & stronger relationships.Streamline Client Onboarding ProcessInitiatives to simplify the client onboarding process, paving way for superior client experience.Develop Tailored Advertising StrategiesTask to create customized advertising strategies, catering to diverse client needs and expectations.Strengthen Client RelationshipsActions aimed at enhancing client interactions and loyalty within specified time and resources.Enhance Communication ChannelsEfforts to improve communication methods and strategies for better coordination and understanding.Conduct Regular Client Satisfaction SurveysRegularly scheduled surveys to gauge client satisfaction and identify areas of improvement.Promote Transparent PracticesInitiatives to increase transparency in our operations and processes to build trust.Upskill Agency’s WorkforcePrograms designed to enhance the skills and capabilities of the agency’s staff within defined timeframes.


What types of contracts do I need to run the business, both internally and for use with partners and suppliers?

Client Service AgreementThis contract defines the terms and conditions of the services provided by the agency to the client. It details the scope of work, deliverables, timelines, and payment terms.Vendor AgreementThis contract is signed with suppliers or manufacturers providing the required goods or services for client projects. It ensures timely delivery and sets quality expectation.Employee ContractA standard employment agreement providing details on the position, responsibilities, compensation, confidentiality obligations and terms of employment.Non-Disclosure AgreementCommonly known as an ‘NDA’, it is signed with both employees and partners to protect confidential and proprietary company information.Media Purchase AgreementThis contract is for purchasing media space or time on various platforms (TV, radio, online) for advertising purposes. It sets out the pricing, terms, and specifications.Ad Placement ContractAgreement with media outlets for the placement of advertising material in their media space. It dictates the placement, frequency, duration and cost of advertising.Partnership AgreementFormal contract with partners, outlining the goals, roles, responsibilities, and financial contribution of each partner. Also specifies the division of profits and losses.Intellectual Property Rights AgreementThis contract ensures protection and exclusive ownership of the creative content produced by the agency. It also discusses licensing rights.Freelancer AgreementA contract with freelancers that details the scope of the project, payment terms, and confidentiality clauses. It also mentions the rights over the materials produced.Real Estate Lease AgreementAn agreement for renting the agency’s office space, mentioning the terms of the lease, amount of rent and the duration of the contract.

“Digital Content Creation” capability expanded to show the logical application services that underpin it.

Digital Content CreationAllows for the creation of engaging, digital content utilizing people’s creativity, advanced technologies, and digital media strategies.Content DesigningApplication service for designing digital content, which includes using advanced technologies such as graphics, virtual reality and augmented reality, keeping in mind the targeted creatives.Content AuthoringApplication service that allows users to produce original digital content for advertising campaigns.Content PublishingThis application service provides features to publish the digital content on various platforms.Asset ManagementService to manage digital assets such as multimedia content, images, etc., used in the creation of digital content.Content LocalizationService to localize content based on different regional and cultural preferences. This helps to deliver personalized and culturally appropriate content.Content ApprovalProvides workflows to ensure that all content is reviewed and approved before it is published.Content ArchivingThis service ensures that old content is properly archived for potential future use or reference.Content AnalyticsService to analyze the performance of content in terms of engagement, reach, and performance on different platforms.Collaborative Content CreationThis application service enables multiple users to work together on the same piece of content, enhancing collaborative efforts and creativity.Distributed Content CreationAn application service that allows content to be created and modified simultaneously across different locations.

“Distributed Content Creation” application service from above diagram, expanded to show Requirements

Distributed Content CreationAn application service that allows content to be created and modified simultaneously across different locations.Real-time collaborationThe system must allow multiple individuals, regardless of their location, to simultaneously create and edit content in real-time.Version controlThe system must provide a version control feature to keep track of all changes made to a piece of content, and allow users to revert to previous versions if necessary.AccessibilityThe system must be easily accessible from different devices and browsers to cater to the flexibility needed by creatives.Data SecurityGiven the sensitivity of content, the system must ensure high-level data security to prevent unauthorized access and ensure user trust.Intuitive user interfaceConsidering the target users are creatives, the user interface must be highly intuitive and user-friendly, enabling users to focus on creating rather than figuring out how to use the system.Offline capabilitiesSince creatives may work in environments with unstable internet connections, the system must provide offline capabilities, enabling work continuation even without connectivity.Integration capabilityThe system must easily integrate with other tools commonly used within the creative field. This is to ensure a seamless work process across different platforms.Functional RequirementsSpecify essential system capabilities, actions services that system must perform.Collaborative EditingSystem allows multiple users to edit the same project concurrently and collaboratively.Real-Time PreviewDisplays immediate visual feedback of changes made within the application.Role-Based Access ControlDefines system access permissions based on roles of individual users in the agency.Cloud Storage IntegrationIntegrates with cloud storage providers for data storage and backup capabilities.

Drivers and Goals

Client’s advertising budget constraintsLimited resources were often a challenge in matching the client’s advertising needs with their set budget.Maximize ROIIncrease the return on investment on advertising campaigns to get the maximum impact out of the client’s constrained budget.Optimize Ad SpendAdjust and adapt the allocation of the advertising budget to its optimal usage, to suit varying constraints.Efficient Resource UtilizationUse resources, such as manpower, time and technology, in the most effective way to deliver high quality results despite the budget constraints.Affordable Creative SolutionsProvide affordable and innovative creative solutions that would meet client’s needs without overstepping their budget constraints.Client SatisfactionEnsure overall client satisfaction by balancing the quality and cost of the advertising services.The need for innovative and creative campaignsA demand for new, creative campaigns was prominently observed, due to market saturation and customer fatigue.Produce Fresh ContentTo constantly deliver unique and creative content to keep the audience engaged and hindering market saturation.Improve Market ResearchTo facilitate better understanding of the evolving customer trends and preferences to maintain relevance in the campaign content creation.Strengthen Creative TeamTo foster a creative workplace ethos and attract talent that can generate novel campaign ideas.Invest in technologyTo enhance content creation capabilities and diversity with innovative technologies and tools.Establish PartnershipsTo create collaborative campaigns with relevant partners to provide variety and broaden audience reach.Rapid changes in consumer behaviorUnexpected shifts in consumer behavior often made it difficult to anticipate market demands and trends.Adapt Marketing StrategyModify our marketing strategy promptly to reflect changes in consumer behavior.Innovative Product DesignDesign our products in a way that quickly adapt and reflects the changes in consumer behavior.Market Research EfficiencyImprove our market research capabilities to quickly identify the changes in consumer behavior.In Depth Consumer UnderstandingAchieve a deep understanding of our consumers’ behavior in order to anticipate the changes.Proactive Consumer EngagementEngage with our consumers proactively to understand and respond to the changes in their behavior.Increasing competition in the advertising spaceThe advertising space had become saturated, resulting in fierce competition and a fight for market share.Sustaining market leadershipThe Advertising Agency intends to sustain its leadership in the advertising market by continuously innovating and offering superior value to its clientele.Broadening customer baseTo counter the competition, the agency aims to broaden its customer base by exploring new markets and segments, with a special focus on creatives.Improving customer satisfactionHigh levels of customer satisfaction can make the agency stand out in this highly competitive space. Thus, the goal is to improve customer service, relationship management, and the overall customer experience.Strengthening brand reputationIn this competitive landscape, a strong brand reputation can make a significant difference. The agency seeks to strengthen its brand image and reputation in the industry.Achieving operational efficiencyTo compete effectively, the agency aims to achieve high operational efficiency. This involves optimizing business processes, increasing productivity, and doing more with less.Challenges to reach a wider audienceThe effort to reach a wider audience had been hampered due to fragmented media channels and market diversity.Optimize Channel MixAdopt a multichannel approach to ensure all possible channels are utilized for reaching wider audience effectively.Improve Market SegmentationStrengthen market segmentation strategies by using detailed demographical, behavioral, and psychographical insights.Increase Brand AwarenessEnhance brand awareness campaigns to reach a larger and diverse audience base.Innovate Advertising ContentCreate innovative, engaging, and tailored content that appeals to a diverse market.Leverage Data AnalyticsImplement data analytics strategies to understand audience behaviors and preferences, aiding in effective audience engagement.Embracing digital transformationDigital transformation arose as a significant challenge demanding immediate attention.Improve Digital InfrastructureUpgrade the current IT infrastructure to support modern, efficient digital workflows and data-driven decision making.Develop Digital SkillsImplement constant learning and development programs to ensure every team member is versed in the latest digital trends and technologies.Improve Client Digital EngagementLeverage data analytics and personalized content to engage clients on digital platforms and drive brand loyalty.Invest in Innovative TechnologiesInvest in innovative digital technologies to pave the way for unique offerings and gain a competitive edge.Ensure Digital ComplianceImplement robust security and privacy measures to ensure compliance with digital regulations and maintain trust with clients.The necessity to adhere to advertising regulationsCompliance with evolving advertising regulations emerged as a pressing issue.Regulatory ComplianceEnsuring all advertising content adheres to Dutch and international advertising regulations to avoid legal issues and maintain credibility.Education and TrainingProviding continuous training for staff on advertising regulations to ensure understanding and adherence.Monitoring and ReportingImplementing systems for regular monitoring and reporting to ensure continuous compliance with advertising regulations.Agency ReputationMaintaining a good reputation by ensuring ethical and legal advertising practices.Adherence to Ethical StandardsCommitting to high ethical standards goes beyond regulations, reflecting the agency’s integrity and respect for the audience.Proliferation of various media channelsThe rise of varied media channels created a complex media landscape.Diversify Market CommunicationTo effectively communicate across the various media channels, the agency needs to diversify its market communication strategies.Expand Media Buying CapabilitiesExpand capabilities for media buying to ensure presence across newly emerging media channels.Customize ContentCreate customized content suitable for each kind of media channel for maximal audience engagement.Media PartnershipEstablish mutually beneficial partnerships with new and varied media channels for stronger and wider reach.Monitor Media TrendsStay updated with the fast-changing media landscape and quickly adapt as required for business growth.Establishing effective communication with clientsThe critical need for a refined client communication approach was perceived.Establishing trusted client relationshipsBuilding strong and trusted relationships with our clients to ensure transparent and clear communication.Creating comprehensive communication channelsIdentifying various channels of communication to effectively convey the intended message to clients.Consistent and clear communicationEnsuring all communications are consistent and clear to avoid any potential misunderstandings.Responsive client communicationBuilding a communication system that allows for quick and effective responses to client queries.Implementation of client feedbackEstablishing a robust mechanism for implementing and monitoring client feedback.Staying up-to-date with the latest market trendsThe obligation to keep pace with rapid market trends surfaced as an inevitable requirement.Consistent Market AnalysisRegularly conduct market analysis to identify and study the emerging trends effectively.Continuous Improvement in ServicesAlways thrive to improve existing services and add innovative ones according to market trends.Nurturing CreativityEncourage and nurture creative ideas that align with the latest trends and meet the clients’ needs.Training and DevelopmentProvide continuous training and development programs to our teams to understand and interpret the latest market trends.Building Strong Stakeholder RelationshipMaintain good relationships with stakeholders by providing them with services that are up-to-date with market trends.

Risk Assessment with associated Goals to address each Risk

Client SatisfactionAssessment of our client’s level of satisfaction with our services. Client satisfaction is a vital key performance indicator (KPI) in the advertising industry.Improve Client CommunicationA goal to foster a better understanding and rapport between the agency and its clients.Enhance Service QualityA determination to heighten the agency’s service, aiming for excellence in client projects.Increase Customer Retention RateAn ambition to retain clients and decrease client churn, showing our commitment to long-term partnerships.Campaign EffectivenessAn evaluation of the effectiveness and impact of our advertising campaigns. A successful campaign should lead to brand recognition and growth in the client’s customer base.Brand Recognition GrowthAn intention to expand the agency’s reach and reputation, placing us as industry leaders.Client’s Customer Base ExpansionA goal to help clients grow their customer base, demonstrating our effectiveness in advertising.Effective Advertising StrategyA high-level intent to develop an optimal strategy that enhances advertising outcomesBudget ManagementAssessment of how well we are managing budget allocation for different projects and campaigns. Effective budget management ensures we are maximizing ROI for our clients.Maximizing ROIA directed ambition to maximize the return on investment for every marketing endeavorEfficient Budget AllocationAn aim to strategically allocate budget for maximum efficiency in operationsEffective Campaign ManagementA desired end state of proficiently managing campaigns to maximize successStaff PerformanceAn evaluation of the performance and productivity of our staff members. High staff performance is crucial to deliver top-quality service.Effective CommunicationA targeted desire to enhance communication channels and methods for effective transmissionsProfessional Skills DevelopmentAims to enhance staff competencies, fostering an environment conducive to growth and productivity.High-Quality Service DeliverySeeks to provide exceptional service, exceeding client expectations and ensuring satisfaction.Innovation and CreativityAssessing the agility and ability of the agency to think outside the box and develop unique and exciting advertising campaigns that stand out.Innovation ExcellenceStrives for a culture of innovation, maintaining our place at the cutting-edge of the advertising industry.Cultivate CreativityDesires to nurture creative thinking, encouraging novel ideas and innovative solutions.Effective BrainstormingIntends to optimize brainstorming sessions, enhancing team creativity and problem-solving capabilities.Regulation ComplianceAssessment of our compliance with advertising standards and regulations. Non-compliance may lead to penalties, and harm brand reputation.Maintaining Legal ComplianceA desired state of upholding required legalities, ensuring the agency avoids legal complications.Brand Reputation ManagementThe intended direction towards managing and enhancing the agency’s brand recognition and value.Periodic Regulatory Updates and TrainingAn aspiration to regularly update and train staff on changing regulations in advertising.Digital Strategy EvaluationAnalysis of the effectiveness of our digital strategy. As the landscape of advertising shifts to the digital, it is important for an agency to adapt and excel in this realm.Effectiveness of Current Digital CampaignsA goal to maximize the impact and reach of ongoing digital marketing campaigns.Digital Marketing Skills and CapabilitiesAn intent to build and enhance the digital marketing competencies within the agency.Digital Marketing Tool ProficiencyAim to master the use of digital marketing tools to enhance online campaign efficiency and efficacy.Market PositionEvaluation of our position in the market compared to our competitors. To remain competitive, we need to be aware of our standing in the industry.Improve Creative CampaignsSet creative standards high, fostering innovative communication that captures audience interest and engagement.Enhance Client RelationshipsStrive to build strong, enduring client relationships through exceptional service and mutual trust.Innovation in Advertising TechnologyLead in adopting innovative advertising technologies to deliver compelling and impactful messages.Value for MoneyAssessment of whether the clients perceive they are getting value for their money. This could have a direct impact on client loyalty and our reputation.Increase Client SatisfactionDesire to exceed client expectations thereby enhancing satisfaction and fostering loyal, longstanding partnerships.Optimize Cost EfficiencyA goal to improve financial sustainability by reducing unnecessary expenses.Improve Service QualityA goal to enhance the standard of services provided to the customers.Brand Image and ReputationAssessment of our brand image and reputation in the market. A strong and positive brand image can attract more clients.Increase brand awarenessA goal to boost the visibility and recognition of the brand in the market.Improve overall brand perceptionA goal to enhance the public’s view and understanding about the brand.Strengthen brand loyaltyA goal to deepen the trust and commitment of the clients towards the brand.

Sales Segmentation – The types of organisations that buy advertising services together with the specific advertising services that they buy

Small to Medium BusinessesBusiness entities capable of performing various roles, often aggregated in a specific location.Creative Advertisement SuiteA comprehensive bundle of creative advertising services offered with a contract to enhance your brand visibility.Digital Marketing PackageA complete package of digital marketing services bundled with a contract to amplify your online presence.Large CorporationsMajor business units fulfilling multiple roles, operating in an extensive geographical extent.Brand Development ServiceA robust assembly of services offered with a contract to foster your brand development and recognition.Creative Consulting ServiceAn all-inclusive bundle of creative consulting services provided with a contract to boost your business creativity.Non-Profit OrganizationsEntities working towards a cause, capable of multiple roles, operating in diverse locations.Social Impact CampaignsAn integral package of services grouped with a contract to develop and manage your social impact campaigns.Charity Event PromotionsA comprehensive service bundle for promoting charity events, inclusive of a contract.Government AgenciesOrganizational units of the government, performing distinct roles, oriented towards public service.Creative Campaign ServicesA comprehensive suite of creative development and campaign execution services tailored specifically for government agencies.Public Interest CommunicationsCustomized communication services designed to promote public interest initiatives and campaigns targeted at our creative-minded demographic.Educational InstitutionsAcademic entities, fulfilling multiple roles, central to nurturing knowledge and skills.Online Course PackagesAn extensive collection of online courses offered with a bundled contract.On-Premises Workshop SessionsA collective offer of on-premises workshops, consolidated with a service contract.Tourism BoardsBusiness entity capable of promoting tourism, fulfilling roles in marketing and strategic planning.Cultural Heritage CampaignsA comprehensive product package for promoting cultural heritage, bundled with a contract.Eco Tourism PackagesAn all-inclusive package of eco-tourism services, coupled with a contract.Event OrganizersBusiness actor capable of managing events, playing roles in planning, coordinating, and executing.Event Management SuiteA comprehensive suite of applications and services dedicated to aiding event organizers in planning, coordinating, and executing events.Creative Collaboration PlatformAn all-in-one platform that provides tools for creatives to collaborate, share ideas, and work on projects together.Political CampaignsBusiness entity capable of conducting political activities, playing roles in strategy, PR, and fundraising.Election Strategy PackageA comprehensive bundle of strategic services for successful election campaigns, coupled with a customisable contract.Political PR ToolkitAn extensive collection of public relations services tailored for the political arena, offered with a flexible contract.Entertainment IndustryThis business actor is capable of delivering entertainment products, assuming roles in production and distribution.Entertainment Production ServicesA comprehensive suite of services for executing entertainment projects, paired with a client-centered contract.Entertainment Distribution ServicesAn all-inclusive bundle of services intended for the effective distribution of entertainment content, complemented with a customisable contract.Sports FranchisesBusiness entity capable of operating sports teams, fulfilling roles in management, marketing, and operations.Brand PromotionA complete assortment of services focused on enhancing brand visibility, offered with a dedicated contract.Sporting Events ManagementA comprehensive package encompassing services for the meticulous organization and successful execution of various sporting events, offering contracts to customers.

Application Framework

These are the categories of applications that I need to run an advertising business

Content Management SystemAn Application Service offering structured management of digital content. It aids in creating, editing, organising, and publishing various forms of content.Social Media Management PlatformService aiding in monitoring, scheduling, and analyzing social media posts, improving online presence.Design SoftwareService allowing users to create, edit, and share design work effortlessly.Customer Relationship ManagementService for managing company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.Project Management SoftwareService to plan, coordinate, and monitor project tasks and resources.Financial Management SystemService for managing and analyzing financial activities, enhancing financial decision-making.Messaging and Collaboration PlatformOffers services for communication and teamwork, enabling seamless data exchange and collaboration in the agency.Time Tracking SoftwareProvides time logging services to monitor work hours accurately for efficient task management.Email Marketing ToolDelivers email management and marketing services, enhancing advertising campaigns and customer engagement.Data Analytics PlatformProvides data processing and analytics services, empowering data-driven decision making in the agency.SEO ToolsOffers SEO services aimed at optimizing website visibility and improving online traffic.Video Production and Editing SoftwareEnables creative video editing and production, serving user-centric needs for high-quality digital content creation.Web Conferencing ToolFacilitates online meetings and collaborations, providing inclusive and streamlined communication services.Digital Asset Management SystemManages digital assets, offering organized and efficient content storage and retrieval services.File Sharing and Storage SolutionStreamlines file sharing and storage, fueling seamless data access and collaboration services.