Generative AI Samples

Massively speed up your strategy and planning.

Generate reference models to support team discussions in minutes instead of weeks so that you can get to the point of allocating resources with more confidence faster.

There are countless possibilities, but some examples are given below.

  • Strategy to Execution – FutureVille example – capabilities, drivers, abilities (requirements) that underpin the “Water Management” capability, strategic courses of action to build out the “Water Management” capability, initiatives (work packages) to build out the “Community Engagement” course of action… and then as an extension of the Melbourne presentation these additional views: Overall city goals and desired outcomes, business objects (information) for the “Water Management” capability, business processes required to underpin the “Water Management” capability, application services required to underpin the Water Management” capability aligned to the information model and abilities.
  • Civil Engineering – capabilities
  • Environmental Monitoring – capabilities, stakeholders
  • Farming – capabilities, drivers and goals, risks, risks – pivot
  • Airlines – business information, capability model, capability model pivot, stakeholders, “what does good look like?” (outcomes), drivers and goals, “flight operations management” capability breakdown, “flight scheduling” process breakdown, “flight scheduling” business events and requirements.
  • Advertising – capabilities, “client satisfaction” goal with work packages (projects) and deliverables to achieve that goal, contract types required to run an advertising business, “digital content creation” capability expanded to show logical application services that underpin that capability, drivers and goals, “distributed content creation” application services expanded to show requirements, risk assessment with associated goals to address each risk, sales segmentation of people that buy advertising services, and the types of services that they buy, application framework of the types of applications required to run an advertising business.
  • Fisheries – capabilities, goals and value (business case), values pivot.
  • “Futureville” – Smart City – capabilities, capability – “parking solutions” with enabling business functions and business objects (information), capability – “smart grid” with enabling technology services, drivers tagged with severity level, drivers pivoted by severity level, driver “rapid urbanisation” with goals to address the driver, goal “housing affordability” with expansion to next level of goals
  • Generative AI (as a product) – sales/target market analysis – potential customers and their use-cases
  • Health – capabilities, stakeholders and drivers, “Lab Sample Tracking and Management” requirements, “Telehealth” application services and requirements
  • Police – capabilities, drivers and goals, information model
  • Recruitment – capabilities, drivers and goals, “Recruitment Process” – process design and requirements
  • Rock Band – capabilities, drivers and goals, drivers – pivot by ‘does the driver typically involve use of bodyguards’, world tour project plan, world tour gantt chart, “merch” to sell on tour.
  • United States – capabilities colour-coded by current status, i.e. RAG status, drivers and goals, goal “Maintain Reserve Currency Status” with strategic courses of action and more specific work packages and deliverables.
  • Dr Evil – a satirical Enterprise Architecture for Dr Evil’s world domination plans

See Generative AI Recipes for more ideas on how to combine different elements.