How do I know when my model is complete?

Your model in AIM is likely approaching completion when:

  • The Information panel contains a complete list of Information used by your business, and you’ve used all of that Information in your model.
  • There’s no smoke (literally) coming out of your model  — you’ve ensured that your model complies with all AIM information processing rules.
  • You can reliably explain the model to business stakeholders and they recognize and endorse the model.
  • You can reliably create AIM stories in your model and find that the model is sufficiently detailed (not too detailed, not too high level) to enable your narrative.
  • You have used the Explore panel to review model attributes, and confirmed that your model tags are complete.
  • You have created Shaders to help visualize different aspects of your business, including discrete and cumulative processing time, and have identified areas of focus for digital transformation.
  • You can reliably build a worksheet containing project work packages and your model is sufficiently granular to enable overlaying of work packages. You can use this portfolio view to identify areas where multiple projects may be seeking to drive change without being aware of each other.