Tech Demo | Set up AIM

1. Install AIM

After you have downloaded AIM, unzip it into a folder. It’s the ‘techdemo’ folder and everything below that which is important. You can put /techdemo/* wherever you like.


2. First time running AIM

Navigate to c:/files/techdemo/aim/ and run “AIM Modeller.exe”.

Check that the publisher is shown as below:

If it doesn’t look like this, click Don’t run.

Otherwise, click Run anyway, and you will see a screen like this after a few seconds.

Enter your email address and license key.

If you subscribed to AIM then you should use the email address used to subscribe. You will also have received an email message containing your license key.

If you chose instead to participate in the open beta, without subscribing, then you will need to click Get Demo Key. This will send an email message to you containing a license key.

Once you’ve entered your email address, license key, and clicked the checkbox to accept the AIM Software Agreement, click Continue.

Since it’s the first time you’ve run AIM, you’ll see something like this.

Next step … Set up AIM scripting