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There are 2 options – participate in the open beta, or become a supporter with a monthly subscription. For subscriptions, you must enter your credit card up front, however can cancel at any time before the end of 30 days and will not be charged.

AIM Software Agreement


Once you’ve chosen one of the options below to get AIM, follow Set up AIM for instructions on how to quickly get up and running.


Option 1 – Supporter version with subscription

Architecture In Motion

AIM Modeller

Billing Address (optional)

This amount is only charged after the free trial period has ended. You may cancel your trial at any time.

We do not view or store any credit card details. All credit card processing is securely handled by, which also does not make visible your credit card details. 

If you have a full subscription license, you can add (or remove) additional users to your subscription via the File > Account screen in AIM. Subscriptions may only be created by this web site, not cancelled or modified.

For any further help please contact

Credit card details must be provided to begin the 30-day free trial, however credit cards are not charged until the trial expires. If you cancel your subscription (via the AIM application) before your trial expires then you will not be charged.

Option 2 – Open beta

If you’d like to try AIM, just download and install AIM, and go to File > Account to request a demo key. This limits the size of the model you can create.

The purpose of the open beta is to further field test and mature AIM features. The open beta will at some point end, after which you may need to subscribe to continue using AIM.

Get AIM from the downloads page.

Credit card details are not required for the open beta version. After downloading AIM, run AIM and click Get Demo Key to have a key emailed to you.