Telling Stories

The Stories panel lets you manage animated stories that explain different aspects of your operating model.

The collection of stories should explain the important organising logic for the operating model.

This is important as it helps shape investment, so that the operating model can be built out faster, and supports change management through enabling a broader range of people to more easily understand how the business works.

Without Enterprise-wide understanding around the operating model you risk projects being non-contributory, and the operating model never emerging.

Creating a new story

Stories are built up from combining story widgets.

The different story widgets are:

  • Camera – You position the camera looking at the model. When the story plays, the camera smoothly moves to this 3D point in the number of seconds you specify
  • Text – Displays your text on the screen
  • Flow – Highlights the selected flow type, e.g. finance flows, sales flows, etc
  • Filter – Highlights a specific model element based on any available Information properties.
  • Model – HIghlights a specific model element, based on its ID.
  • Shader – Applies a pre-defined shader. See Defining Shaders
  • Depth of Field – Apply a visual style where you change the focal length and focal distance, to blur either foreground or background model elements.

Depth of Field

Using the depth of field story widget can be used for visual effect when telling a story.

While the main story telling widgets are the camera, text, and shader widgets, applying depth of field changes can make the story more visually appealing.