Top right controls

From left to right, the icons in the top right corner do the following:

  1. Save the current model
  2. Toggle Snap-to-Grid on and off. blue = snap, white = don’t snap
  3. Toggle the camera between Perspective and Orthographic.
  4. Centre the view on the middle of your model. Click this if you get lost.
  5. Toggle graphics post processing effects on/off.
  6. Toggle automatic depth of field on/off – when turned on, if you’re looking at a model element, other elements in the distance are blurred.
  7. Toggle simulation mode off/on. Usually you don’t need to use this, you’d to to the Scenarios tab and run scenarios from there, but if a scenario is running and you want to cancel it you can click this, or press Esc.
  8. Undo the last change made to the model. Multiple undos are supported.
  9. Close AIM