What is AIM Modeller?

AIM Modeller is a Windows application that lets you create 3D animated information-centric models of your Enterprise.

The way in which information flows across an Enterprise is complex, and can be a difficult idea to grasp.

Having a clear design for how your business information needs to flow is fundamental to digital transformation.

Therefore, we’ve created AIM using on a video game platform to make it easier to visualize information flows and plan your digital transformation.

We can also help bring your transformation narrative to life and maximize engagement across your business with animated 3D story telling.

The main direct users of AIM are likely to be Strategy and Architecture (Enterprise Architects, Solution Architects), the Project Management Office, and some business users.

However, the idea is that a broad range of people in your business should be able to watch AIM stories to contribute into and validate the AIM model supporting your digital transformation.

We designed AIM to be engaging and easy for everyone to understand, and believe that AIM fills a genuine gap in enabling digital transformation.

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